CEO, team captain

Inna Veřmiřovská

Inna is responsible for the strategic direction of Kreema, fulfillment of the agency’s vision and even some individual objectives. She oversees that all processes are set up as efficiently as possible and that the demands of our clients are always met to the highest degree. She ensures that team morale is high and facilitates the professional and personal growth of its members.

She believes that situations should be viewed mainly through the lens of the entrepreneur / owner and that marketing should primarily support trade. She has extensive business experience, thanks to which she manages to effectively interconnect marketing and business. She seeks the most efficient way to grow a company while maintaining focus on the desired result.

She gained experience mainly as an export manager, creating a marketing and business strategy for the company’s expansion into foreign markets, and in the multinational company Maresi, where she developed the business and marketing sides of a non-food brand.

What you should know about Inna:  She speaks 5 languages, but there are days when she can’t express herself in any of them.

Marketing & Creative Strategist 

Michael Lansdorf 

Michael has the responsibility of building up brands that will last and attract customers. He develops their potential and helps business partners increase sales by creating a sound marketing strategy.

Michael’s main strength is his creativity and sense of trends. That’s why he gets along best with entrepreneurial people. He also makes use of analytical thinking, has strong international experience and a strong sense of responsibility.  He likes to set new goals and stick to them until everyone is happy with the result.

His weaknesses: He’s a bit french, so you’re going to be asking yourself a lot of questions before you fall in love with him.

Where you can find his work: Michael worked for two years as a Brand Manager at the Citroen headquarters in Paris and, afterward, was responsible for developing new branding for salerooms for 5 years. You can, therefore, find his work at Citroen branches all over the world, but mainly in Paris, India, Morocco and Amsterdam, where you will find the biggest investors of new and innovative concepts. He was also heavily involved with Citroen’s overall visual identity, with which he won several prestigious awards.

What you should know about Michael:  Il peut faire plus qu´un café. Et il vous felicite d´avoir pensé au traducteur de langue. C´est astucieux.

Marketing & Creative Strategist 

Zuz Ederová 

Zuz is responsible for the strategic development of brands and products. Her priority is that all promotion is based on solid foundations and is thus as effective as possible. She also oversees the overall consistency of a brand.

Zuz’s strength is her conceptual thinking. She understands data and analyzes EVERYTHING. That can sometimes be tiring and annoying for herself and others around her, but it pushes her to find solutions that are grounded in reality and, thanks to her creative spirit, are also unique and catch your attention.

Where you can find her work: Zuz was in charge of the strategic development of the Vinea and Kofola brands, she was responsible for their complete communication, so you can look at the TV commercials that were created under her leadership. She is also behind the complete rebranding of both brands. So you can see her work every time you look at the etiquette.

What you should know about Zuz: She never finishes her tea and when she thinks, she frowns terribly.

PPC & Online Marketing Specialist  

Tereza Valentová  

Tereza is our specialist in PPC campaigns and performance marketing. She takes care of campaigns on Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook and other channels. In addition, she is also in charge of e-mail marketing and the creation and distribution of mailing campaigns.

Her simultaneously best and worst attribute is her sincerity. Her greatest strength in the professional world is her ability to listen and her ability to stand back and assess the situation, which is especially important in creating marketing plans.

Where you can find her work: Tereza worked in a PPC agency, worked directly in at Sklik for several years and was also an in-house specialist at the GrowJOB educational institute. You can find her work within the #HolkyzMarketingu group, for whom she teaches performance marketing and acts as a mentor.

What you should know about Tereza:  She is a lover of coffee and a good V60 can brighten her day.

Graphic Designer 

Kateřina Tomsová   

Kate creates graphics across all companies in Kreema’s portfolio. Her bread-and-butter is creative graphics, brand design and visual communication, but she is no stranger to typesetting prints and corporate documents. She enjoys finding harmony between letters and images.

She is responsible for the new look of the VICOM logo, the visual identity of ISC, Prime Call and even the look of Kreema itself. She significantly improved the visual communication of the Wilomenna and Dobré Vinice wineries. She is presently preparing more big projects.

Her competitive edge lies in her ability to combine creative and technical thinking. She’s capable of having an artistic mess of a table and look for a pencil that’s behind her ear for half a day while simultaneously having her work neatly organized in a table and marked in color.

Where you can find her work: Kate is a graphic designer with several years of experience from large Czech companies, such as Luxor or Albi, where she has gone through various branches of static graphics, typesetting and even gift design. You can see her heroic-size digital drawings of Michael Jagger and David Bowie in the Luxor Book Palace on Wenceslas Square, where a wall in the vinyl section is wallpapered by them.

What you should know about Kate:  She has wild Hungarian blood coursing through her veins. She loves coffee, red wine, good rum, soups and the smell of a paper book. She is obsessed with giraffes and pineapples.

Marketing & Social Media Specialist 

Kateřina Zwingerová 

Kačka is a woman of many talents, she has all the marketing activities, from strategic planning to creativity, of the WILOMENNA and DOBRÁ VINICE wineries under her belt. She creates content strategies for the social media of entrusted brands and sometimes also dabbles in the world of copywriting.

Her strong point is her sense of detail and ability to find effective solutions even in dire situations, even though she rarely finds herself in them thanks to her exceptional project management skills. 🙂

She doesn’t like spreadsheets filled with more spreadsheets and pointless conference calls. She also dislikes the generally accepted concept of space-time, which she doesn’t fully grasp.

Where you can find her work: All you have to do is look on the WILOMENNA website and social media or on the labels for the 30th anniversary of DOBRÁ VINICE. All this was created under Kačka’s leadership and careful supervision. Kateřina began her working career in the non-profit sector, where she was part of a Julie intergenerational center project and the Sféra 21 Foundation.

What you should know about Kačka:  When she’s not trying to boost conversion rates and followers, she’s probably boosting her kilometer count in one of the triathlon disciplines.

Web Designer & Social Media Specialist 

Veronika Martinů

Veronika focuses on creating websites, e-shops and managing social media. She loves creating interesting content on social media. To do this, she makes use of her knowledge of online trends, creativity and ability to create simple graphics.

Veronika’s strength is her versatility. She has a knack for aesthetics, which she compliments with her technical knowledge. Veronika will thus be able to create a functional and modern web from a blank page for you to present to your clients and potential customers.

Where you can find her work: Veronika has a number of successful projects under her belt, including new e-shops for the Dobrá Vinice, WILOMENNA and ISC Communication brands.

What you should know about Veronika: Her greatest love is her cat, Rudolf.

3D & Graphic Designer

Mirek Novotný

Mirek’s designs immediately catch your attention, and they remain visually functional in the long term.

His ability to put himself in his clients’ shoes is his strong point. He also thinks about the graphics from the end consumer’s perspective, as well as with regard to their future functionality. This results in timeless designs that exceed client expectations and resonate with the customer, whose eyes they are primarily intended for. Mirek knows how to create a brand’s whole visual identity with a modern appearance and long-term functionality. He enjoys graphic work on product design, but 3D graphics are his ‘specialty’. Mirek creates visual simiulations of what your product will look like in the store, how your customer will see campaign materials at the point of sale or in outdoor areas, and anything else you may think of, even if it can’t be done in the real world, like a UFO delivering your pizza.

The fact that his creativity knows no bounds may be his weakness. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, you need to stop him before he goes too far.

Where you can find his work: Mirek created a complete identity together with the UI/UX design of auction portal, and he is in charge of its semestral campaign. He created the visual identity of Letní Salon Kodl Contemporary in 2019 and 2020, including campaign graphics. He does 3D graphics for Mirek also created the complete visual identity of Solverity, an up-and-coming IT firm from the FWG atlantiso group.

What you should know about Mirek: Mirek has a French southern temperament, so he loves long conversations over coffee. He loves whiskey, tennis, golf and ‘tramping’. He is said to be a man for all seasons.