Case study ISC

What we were
responsible for

              Brand audit (situation analysis)

              The brand’s strategy

              The brand’s new visual identity

              Creation of work and advertising materials

              New website image

              New marketing plan


                      What we achieved

                      new distribution agreements with global producers


                      increase in newsletter click rate


                      increase in website traffic


                      increase in the conversion rate from 1.5 % to 2.5 %


                      increase in marketing support from manufacturers


                                ‘The new Branding is part of projects aimed at modernising ISC. This is why the work on rebranding was key for me. And I must say that I am very happy with the result. The attractiveness and modern appearance of the brand’s new visual identity helped us conclude new contracts with renowned partners such as Daikin, Dahua and even Hikvision. ISC is clearly a respected company once again. This very fitting concept and the successful implementation exceeded my expectations and breathed new life into this 30-year-old Czech brand.’

                                Horymír Kalmus, CEO of ISC Communication 

                                ISC is a distributor of technological equipment that has been in the Czech market in the field of telecommunications for 30 years. It intends to expand its portfolio, change its business model and restructure the company.


                                Creation of a new visual identity that will make ISC more attractive, help increase website traffic and significantly increase the number of clients.


                                • To help increase the number of orders and business contracts
                                • To increase the click rate on the website by 10 %
                                • To increase website traffic by 50 %
                                • To increase the conversion rate by 20 %

                                  The brand’s
                                  marketing strategy

                                            Our process

                                            First of all, we needed to conduct a situation analysis and determine how we can turn ISC into a modern respected brand in the telecommunications and technological equipment market.

                                            We used a sophisticated questionnaire method and market and competition analysis to determine a direction that is in line with the company’s strategy while also reinventing the communication and visual identity.

                                              Plug & Play as the company’s new strategic goal

                                              ISC uses its 30 years of experience to distribute technical equipment with a complete set of services tailored to each one of its partners and customers. All the customer needs to do is choose the product he wants; the company takes care of the rest.


                                                          Enter a world of higher distribution – a world without limits

                                                          The new visual identity of ISC reflects the modern technological equipment and the variety of products it offers in its e-store. The aim is to attract new customers while not discouraging current customers, which mostly consist of older age groups. To make sure the brand is still recognizable, we revived the historic colour red. To attract potential customers, we also used petrol blue, which softens the red and gives it a modern look.


                                                          Interesting fact

                                                          The new ISC concept was largely inspired by The Matrix – a movie whose visual style affected several generations and is closely associated with technology.

                                                          New website

                                                                    The website’s new image gives ISC quality content, strengthens the brand’s credibility and helps the sales team collect leads. We created a very modern website with the primary aim of drawing people in and making readers want to remain on the website. It contains everything a customer needs to know about ISC, as well as interesting professional articles about products from the brand’s portfolio. The new website also became an important marketing tool that ISC wants to use in performance marketing.

                                                                    marketing plan

                                                                              It focuses on collecting leads to help the sales team acquire new customers. ISC did not devote much time to new acquisitions in the last 5 years, which is dangerous for business. The new marketing plan wants to use marketing as a performance tool that will not only build the image of ISC, but also significantly support business activities.


                                                                              We turned ISC into a modern, respected brand on the telecommunications and technological equipment market. ISC is developing once again after many years, concluding new contracts and confidently communicating its successes and the exclusive new products it has to offer.

                                                                              We’ll create a workable solution for you too